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Children's smart watch technology reveals nano waterproof

2019-06-21 16:42:05
  From: Suzhou Paihua Vacuum Coating Co., Ltd.

In recent years, the word "smart" has become more and more popular with the development of technology. Various products on the market have also added the name of "smart", smart phones, smart TVs, smart sockets, and even smart ones. Water cups, smart toothbrushes, etc. However, this year's hottest number of children's smart watches.

So where is the intelligence of children's smart watches mainly reflected? Whether it's a children's smart watch or other smart product, technology is clearly a very important concern. The biggest difference between children's smart watches and ordinary children's watches is also the technical level. A small watch with satellite positioning, two-way conversation, long battery life, super waterproof and so on, are inseparable from technical support. Today, we will come together to explore the mystery of children's smart watches waterproof - nano waterproof.

First, let's first understand what nano waterproof technology is.

Nano-waterproof coating principle, nano-waterproof technology mainly uses nano-scale molecular organic coating materials. Under vacuum and dust-free environment, after ultrasonic vibration, the electronic products are perfectly packaged, which is exactly the same in water and normal use. Features. After the packaged electronic product, a transparent colorless molecular water-resistant film chain is formed on the protective component, so that water molecules cannot contact the protected component. Not only waterproof, but also resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, due to its high light transmission, it will not affect the clarity of the optical lens. In addition, due to the use of invisible molecular film coating technology, the thickness of the coating reaches nanometer level, and it will not affect the use of the connector, so it can be directly waterproofed to the watch main board.

Secondly, let's talk about the necessity of nano-waterproofing for children's smart watches.

Children's wearing and use environment is more complicated than adults, and waterproofing is an indispensable factor. Once the waterproof level of the child's smart watch does not meet the corresponding requirements, the product's performance is affected by the penetration of water after wearing for a period of time, or the rainy weather is prone to “accident” itself, and the product fails due to rain and weather. This will be a bad thing. Therefore, the efficient waterproof technology of children's smart watches is indispensable.

Finally, we used a Kaimi children's smart watch that uses nano-waterproof technology to make a waterproof test.

Kaimi children's smart watches use this nano waterproof technology to waterproof the watch and its motherboard. The core of the watch is the motherboard. The watch motherboard integrates the transmitting circuit, interface circuit and logic circuit. The components of these circuits are composed of various The conductive component is composed of water, which is electrically conductive. When water enters, the components will be short-circuited, causing damage to the components! Some features of the watch's motherboard will be lost and cannot be used! In view of its principle, the nano waterproof technology uses a vacuum nano-waterproof coating to wrap the watch, which has the effect of insulation and achieves the purpose of waterproofing! Kaimi children's smart watches have IPX6 waterproof performance, can be washed repeatedly; resist sweat, acid and salt; temperature tolerance can reach 200 °C. Greatly improve the life of the watch.

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