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Application of Parylene Nano Coating in Aerospace Defense

2019-06-21 16:41:54

Application of Parylene Nano Coating in Aerospace Defense

From: Suzhou Paihua Vacuum Coating Co., Ltd.

Due to financial considerations, the use of COTS electronic devices in the space field will continue to grow. Therefore, the designer should improve the heat, humidity and radiation performance of the device. But the challenge is how to enhance the protection of devices that were not originally designed for applications, which usually have no protective layer. Many types of conformal coatings are available, but not all are suitable for components that are reduced to nanometer specifications.

Parylene Nano Protection

Parylene is a conformal coating of space standards that has been used for many years in custom-built aerospace applications to enhance the conformal capabilities of COTS devices without increasing costs. Several forms of coatings are available, including a new type of high temperature, UV stabilized type. The Parylene coating is lightweight and can be 100% protected for the entire unit used in any form and situation.

Parylene N, C and HT were included in the Defense Supply Center's Columbus Parts Catalog (QPL) MIL-I-46058 and are also considered to meet IPC-CC-830 requirements. Parylene HT has similar capabilities to other Parylene materials, but it also allows aerospace engineers to choose from a range of reliability enhancements.

All parylenes have a small molecular structure, while parylene HT has the smallest molecular structure. As a result, it penetrates into very small areas and provides perfect protection without compromising handling. It also provides long-term thermal stability of 350 ° C (short-term 450 ° C).


In MEMS integrated devices and other multi-layer line device applications, such as cockpit, engine handling, and control systems, thermal stability is critical. A good example of this is the industrial grade sensor coated with parylene. This allows the sensor to meet the design and functionality of industry-standard and standard requirements. Rapid changes in aircraft wing and empennage applications under uncontrolled conditions are often disadvantageous for standard circuit board assemblies. Protecting it with a parylene coating allows the same board assembly to function properly when it is also flat to all operating heights.

Parylene coatings have low dielectric constants and dissipation factors that allow them to have signal-fidelity features that are valuable in applied electrical and fiber optic interconnect systems, especially in weaponry radar systems and other preventions. Distortion in the application.

As LEDs increase in aircraft lighting applications, Parylene offers long-term UV protection, which will apply to any COST component used in navigation lights, cabin lights or landing gear lights, which enhance the light window and radiation The life of the components used in the detector is also very valuable.



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