Application of Parylene nanoscale coating technology

Parylene is a ring dimer of a p xylene compound, and also a monomer of a linear p xylene,
It was first isolated in the late 1940s by a chemist at the university of Manchester in England who worked on polymers.
Later, William gehan, a scientist at Union Carbide, developed a deposition process for forming films for the plant.
Parylene and its membrane formation technology were initially used in the us military and space technology,
It wasn't until the 1990s that it was used by the people, but its manufacturing technology was monopolized and kept secret.
At present, only a few large companies in the world are producing this series of products, while the domestic research on the production and application of this product is just starting.

Parylene use
Ferrite core: insulation, wire protection: rare earth class magnets: rust prevention, insulation; Formal installation motherboard (PCB motherboard) : insulation, moisture proof;
Rubber molding products: surface properties improved, improve lubricity; Probe: moisture-proof and corrosion-proof; Guide lock: anti - corrosion, improve lubricity
Medical transplant materials: anti-rust, anti-allergy; Other electronic components (aviation, aerospace, defense, automobile) and medical devices with high requirements for characteristics; Flat panel display, microwave instruments (MEMS)

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