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2019-05-22 16:12:40
Parylene's medical application

    Parylene coating is widely used in various medical products, such as cardiac pacemakers, vascular stents, artificial ears, artificial heart, ultrasonic probes, medical circuit boards, bone nails, temporary surgical instruments, replacement devices, drainage tubes, brains. Products such as probes and needles.

  1. Pressure Sensors - Sensitive electronic devices such as blood pressure sensors can be fully insulated by depositing a small amount of Parylene, and a small amount of protective coating does not significantly alter the operation of these devices.

2. Cardiac assistors, such as precision electronic circuits in cardiac pacemakers and electrical shock generators, are sealed with Parylene to protect them from biological fluids. Parylene is also used to protect the metal casing of these devices.

3. Alternative Devices - Metallic devices such as reconstituted man-made devices can be protected with Parylene deposition to eliminate problems associated with micro-porosity and provide protection against biological fluid corrosion.

4. Bone Needle - Parylene is used to protect bone nails and surgical instruments from corrosion and provide lubricity without reducing size constraints.

5. Electronic Circuits - Parylene deposited on complex surface mount and hybrid electronic circuits protects them from water and chemicals and provides good dielectric properties.

6. Catheter - Molded devices such as catheters with Parylene deposition protection provide good lubricity and prevent bio-liquid corrosion.

7. Ultrasonic transducer - used to observe the micro-sensor on the inner wall of the blood vessel. After deposition with Parylene, it can avoid corrosion and insulation breakdown.

8. Mandrel - the exact line shape used to make the catheter. Protected with Parylene, Parylene's low coefficient of friction facilitates manufacturing and its consistent coating properties ensure the quality of the final product.

9. Bone Growth Stimulator - Use Parylene to isolate this device from biological fluids to avoid corrosion. Human cells tend to grow on the Parylene deposition surface to form thin layers of the same structure.

10. Brain Probes - Parylene is used to lubricate the surface of the brain stimulation probe and to selectively insulate it.

11. Needle - Parylene deposits on the outer and inner surfaces of the needle to seal the microscopic porosity of the metal and form a smooth, non-porous surface. Thereby reducing the possibility of adhering dirt. The penetrating power of ParyleneN makes it very soluble and easily penetrates into the inner surface to form a protective layer.

12. Sleeve - A precision instrument used for laparotomy, such as a burning cannula with a conductive metal shaft. After the insulation is deposited with Parylene, the RF energy is directed to reach the exact area of ​​the tip.


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