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2019-05-22 16:07:11
Parylene application on magnetic core 
Parylene vacuum coating technology has excellent electrical properties, dielectric properties and low dielectric loss and high dielectric strength. At the same time, it also has excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength and low coefficient of friction. It not only provides insulation but also eliminates wire damage caused by friction. The thin and uniform thickness of the Parylene coating allows the winding device to maintain the largest winding window and has sufficient coating thickness at the corners to greatly improve performance parameters. It is obviously superior to other coating techniques such as brushing, dip coating and spraying. Its advanced nature is mainly the process in which the gas phase monomer directly forms a solid coating without liquid. The coating grows from the surface of the substrate to form a uniform thickness coating that is pinhole free under 1 micron. Since the Parylene coating is formed at room temperature, it is possible to prevent stress problems caused by thermal expansion during curing.
 Parylene is especially suitable for the coating of electronic components such as ferrite materials (magnetic rings, magnetic cores). The coated electronic components have strong adhesion to coatings, good wear resistance, high hardness, high resistance to high voltage insulation, and lacquer. The appearance of the film is fine, even and smooth, and the touch is excellent. The enameled wire is strong in linearity and the paint film is not cracked. At the same time, the dielectric properties and high-pressure resistance of magnetic materials such as ferrite can be increased, and the defects of acid resistance and grinding after the ordinary epoxy resin spraying treatment can be overcome. Parylene coatings form a uniform insulating coating on the surface of the magnetic material!

           Ferrite magnetic material and rare earth permanent magnet: high magnetic permeability soft ferrite small magnetic core is a key development product in the future 10-15 years due to its small size, high performance, large dosage and good market prospect. The surface of these products must be coated with a layer of protective layer to enhance the insulation, firmness and smoothness of the product surface. This coating is not possible with conventional oxygen-spraying; rare-earth permanent magnet products are used more and more in the fields of automobiles, speakers, magnetic therapy products, and motors. However, the corrosion resistance of the surface of such products is very high. Ordinary electroplating and electrophoresis products have a salt spray resistance time of only 70-100 hours. With Parylene, it can reach 300-500 hours. Its corrosion resistance time is 4-5 times that of the former. Magnetic material (insulation, rust prevention, anti-wire injury, filling pinhole stability characteristics)

     Casting parts Parylene-treated surfaces are free of particles, which enhances work reliability and prevents contamination.



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